• Binance login | Login to Binance

    How to create Custom Login accounts from the Master Account?

    1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Profile] - [Dashboard].


    2. Select [Custom Login], then click [+ Other Roles Account]. Please note that you can only assign [Read Only] roles and create up to 20 Custom Login accounts. To remove a Custom Login account, click [Delete] next to it.
    Please note that the Custom Login function is only available to Master Accounts that have enabled the sub-account function.


    3. Create login credentials for the Custom Login account. Please note that the newly created account needs to complete email verification, so please enter the email address carefully. Click [Create Account].


    4. Enter the email verification code received in the Custom Login account email. Then, complete 2FA verification with the Master Account and click [Confirm].


    How to access the Custom Login account to view trade/order history?

    1. You can directly log in to your Custom Login accounts, no registration is required.


    2. Click [Profile] - [Dashboard] to proceed to the User Center. For first-time login, you will be prompted to enable 2FA verification. Please refer to How to Enable Google Authentication (2FA) and Frequently Asked Questions for more details.


    3. After enabling 2FA verification, click [Sub Accounts] - [Order Management]. You can view different accounts’ Spot/Margin/Futures trading history. Additionally, you can choose among the Master Account and the sub-accounts to view their respective history.


    How to view the asset balance and deposit addresses of the Master Account?

    1. Log in to the Custom Login account and click [Wallet] - [Fiat and Spot].


    2. You can view the Fiat and Spot balance and all fiat/crypto assets here.


    3. To view a crypto asset’s Master Account deposit address, click [Deposit] next to the asset.


    4. Select the network and you can see the Master Account’s deposit address.